Current and future shows and venues

If you operate or know of a gallery or other venue that would like to show my work, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Other website locations

Snohomish County Arts Commission


Driven to Espresso blog

Past shows and venues

Larson Gallery, 37th National Juried Photography Exhibition

Studio R, Fremont (Seattle)

Fremont Coffee, Fremont (Seattle)

Arthouse Designs gallery, Olympia, Washington

Zippy's Java Lounge

Finalist: Photographer's Forum magazine's 28th annual Spring Photography Contest

Solo exhibit at Three Trees Coffeehouse 2009

Exhibit at Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council Gallery 2009

Solvei Gallery exhibit, "Trees Are Us" 2008

Jury-Selected: Art Port Townsend exhibit, "Northwest Expressions" 2008

Solo exhibit at Tullys Coffee 2008

Jury-Selected and Honorable Mention award: Kenmore Art Show 2008

Solo exhibit at Starbucks in Fremont, Seattle 2008

Reflections Gallery, Olympia 2008

Oasis Gallery, Seattle 2007-2008

Solo exhibit at The Cafe Allegro, Seattle 2007

Jury-Selected: Kenmore Art Show 2007

Jury-Selected: Arts of Snohomish 2007

Solo exhibit at University Bookstore, Seattle 2007

Solo exhibit at Starbucks, University Place, Seattle 2007

Solo exhibit at ZuKafe in Edmonds, Washington 2007


All of the images on this website can be purchased as an archival-quality inkjet print. Here are some standard sizes and respective prices.

4 x 5 inches $10

5 x 7 inches $25

8 x 10 inches $50

11 x 14 inches $75

16 x 20 inches $100

Be aware these are approximate sizes of the images. Not all image dimensions conform to these exact ratios and I don’t crop them to fit these sizes, so if you choose 8 x 10 inches, the longest edge will be 10 inches, but the other edge may be more or less than 8 inches. Also, some images are square, so all sides would be 10 inches in that case.

Besides these standard sizes, I am happy to print to any size you request. Simply specify the dimension of the longest edge of the size you would like and I will quote you a price. If it’s similar to one of these standards, it will more than likely be the same price as its nearest standard size.

These are prints only; for matted and/or framed prints, contact me for a price quote.

These prices do not include shipping or sales tax. When I receive your request, I’ll reply with a price that includes the shipping you choose (FedEx Ground is the default), and if you reside in Washington state, what the sales tax is for your specific location (so tell me where you live).

All images are sold as an open edition, meaning they are not numbered. I do, however, sign all prints. EXCEPTION: the Hyper Natural series images are sold as a limited edition of 100 prints, but only for sizes over 4 x 5 inches.